Listen to something new today.

A music-making friend of mine shared this article about the homogenization of music these days. I found it extremely informative and logical. A lot of music DOES sound the same and many artists that match this “template” that appeals to the most number of people, will make it big! That’s all well and good BUT, don’t let yourself get lost in the homogeneous pot of pop/folk/rap/rock or whatever genera you yourself love…don’t forget there are others out there doing an incredible job making music but they might not fit that mold that is being blasted a guaranteed 150 times (see article). Check them out, you will not be disappointed. Do yourself a favor today and listen to something NEW! Click anywhere in this paragraph to get to the article I speak of.

This is my something new for today. I had not heard this song until moments ago:

I had never heard of RÉN before! I thought “Sunflowers in the Sky” was  a pretty neat track.

In fact here is another:

The above is called “I Don’t Mind” by Twerps.

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