Please, don’t go Jason Waterfalls!

Did anyone else think the TLC song “Waterfalls” was “don’t go Jason Waterfalls?” I always thought those TLC gals were begging some man in their pop-R&B-filled lives to not leave them behind. This man’s name was Jason Waterfalls and whoever he was, I hoped he’d come running to me (I was 6 when this song was released so of course this was plausible) from TLC.Then, my dream was crushed when I found out later in life (probably age 10) that Jason Waterfalls was not a real person. They were saying “don’t go chasing waterfalls.” Oh well, at least José González has better enunciation so in his cover of the song, no one will be confused about “Jason” or “chasin’.”

Thanks Hype Machine for sharing this track with me!

And, if anyone out there has forgotten the original, here ya go:

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