A healthy dose of girl power.

I’m usually nauseated by the term “girl power”…but the last few days, I’ve been overwhelmed by these three women: Angel Olsen, Sharon Van Etten and Alynda Lee Segarra of Hurray for the Riff Raff. These are three incredibly talented and powerful women in more ways than one.

In a car ride with a friend from one Sunday afternoon activity to the next, she exposed me to this Angel Olsen song that took my breath away:

Angel Olsen’s newest full length album, ‘Burn Your Fire for No Witness’, came out in February of 2014 and was produced by the incredible John Congleton. Rightfully so, it’s received a lot of attention.

“The Body Electric” off of Hurray for the Riff Raff’s most recent album, ‘Small Town Heroes’, reflects upon and gently but violently reminds us of tragedies of the past and present:

Alynda Lee Segarra spent her childhood in the Bronx until she started hopping trains and found herself in New Orleans where she is today.

Sharon Van Etten’s newest album, ‘Are We There’, released in 2014, was produced by Ms. Sharon Van Etten herself. This allowed her complete control, creative freedom and the ability to craft what I, and others, feel is full bodied, honest, and worth a listen. Hold onto your seat for this track, “Your Love is Killing Me”:

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