It is a small world!

It got smaller over lunch! I featured a group out of Seattle called Kithkin a couple weeks ago on my weekly playlist and I received a new iPod Nano for Christmas (my elderly one was becoming senile….RIP, little green guy!). I met with a dear friend at lunch today, whom I’m lucky to see twice a year, who lives in Seattle now and she brought a friend of hers from Seattle to lunch as well. I’m very excited about my new little green iPod so I decided to take it out and show it off a bit. I had just been listening to Kithkin in the car (very loudly…that’s the only way to listen to them!) so it was up on the screen when I brought my iPod out. Immediately my dear friend’s friend said Kithkin was her friend’s band! I suppose this isn’t surprising considering Kithkin is based out of Seattle and this gal lives in Seattle…but HEY! It’s a small world and music brings people together. The end!

Check out their most recent full performance on Seattle’s, KEXP:

And their official music video for “Altered Beast” off of their 2014 album, ‘Rituals, Trances and Ecstasies for Humans in the Face of Collapse’:

‘Rituals, Trances and Ecstasies for Humans in the Face of Collapse’ is their sophomore album and their debut album, ‘Takers and Leavers’ came out back in 2012.

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