Month: January 2015

An album for a sunny day.

As strange as it is that it’s been in the 40’s and 50’s the last few days AND as much as I (and others) would LOVE some more snow, it is quite beautiful out there. This album’s been keeping me company all day:

THUMPERS released their debut album last year and yes, it is available for free to stream on Soundcloud but, if you’re like me and you can’t stream music from your phone or iPod touch or something…you need to purchase it to enjoy it anywhere, anytime. So, don’t let the fact that you can stream this bad boy for free stop you from buying it!

I honestly didn’t know until today that THUMPERS was a collaboration between only two fellas! These boys, John Hamson Jr and Marcus Pepperell, are from London and have been making music together since they were in their teenage years. Surprising that their rich melodies and celebratory sound only comes from Hamson Jr and Pepperell, right? Well, they actually recruited many of their friends to add body and a sense of fullness to this entire album. This record a group of sing a longs packed into 11 songs of celebration.


A) I didn’t expect to find this stunning piece of music on a techno DJ’s Soundcloud  (Gabriel Ananda – his “Soulful Techno” mixes are quite nice actually and I have to thank Spire Climbing Center for streaming his sets today at the gym!)…as I don’t preferentially listen to techno. Don’t get me wrong, I like some of it but I suppose I haven’t spent enough time digging through it to know what kinds of techno may be “my” kinds.

B) Aphex Twin’s music usually scares me. However, this piano piece off of music left me breathless. I think it was a combination of the fact that I was stunned that it was Aphex Twin creating this lulling, melancholy piece and that the piece itself is so beautiful.

This song is off of Aphex Twin’s newest album, released last year, ‘Syro.’ As I said above, most of Aphex Twin’s music frightens me. It’s very unsettling but this piece did exactly the opposite and was just what I needed today.

Dig The Dig, ya hear?

I can’t quite put my finger…or ear?…on what it is about this song by The Dig that just puts me at ease. Is it the minimal percussion? That bass line that carries the heart beat of the entire song? The ambient, space-like sounds in the background? The repetitive, rolling nature of this 5 minute track wrapped in a slow build, tied off with the unique vocal quality that strings along every song? I think I’ve come to the conclusion that there is not any one thing that makes this song  what it is but I have to admit, it is a song that I can listen to over and over and over again.

“I Already Forgot Everything You Said” is off of New York-based, four man band, The Dig’s, first full length album, ‘Midnight Flowers.’ I usually don’t do this but I fell so hard for “I Already Forgot Everything You Said” that I bought ALL of their music in one sitting and it was absolutely worth it.

“Angeline” (below) is off of their EP, ‘Tired Heart.’ Dark and lazy but simultaneously driving…This version is the live version from their Audiotree session back in 2013. It really takes off at about 2:45.

‘You & I’ is their most recently released EP and houses this gem, “Cold Afternoon”:

Yeah, I like Foxes. What about it?

I had never heard of The Stone Foxes until last year when Compound Presents brought these San Francisco boys to Bozeman, September 12th. Yes, I remember the date. All of my shows go into my calendar, IN PEN so I never forget when they are or when they were.

This was certainly a show to remember. It was quite a bit more interactive than I had anticipated and I ended up with significantly more rock-lash than I was expecting. At one point the only fellow on the stage was the drummer because everyone else from the band had hopped down into the crowd to make a rock-out circle and DAMN did they rock out. Additionally, at one point, the drummer and the front man switched places…which I had never seen before. Maybe it’s more common than I think it is but it was pretty darn cool to see how multi-talented they were. This was the song they kicked the show off with and the one I was most excited to hear (stick with this music video…it looks bizarre but there is an excellent explanation at the end…or if you really can’t stand it, just look away!):

This is another favorite track of mine:

Their debut, self-titled album came out in 2008 followed by ‘Bears & Bulls’ in 2010. In 2013 they released ‘Small Fires’ and if you like what you hear, the first Friday of every month, they’ve been releasing a song off of their next album, ‘Twelve Spells.’ The next song will be out next Friday, February 6th! Here is the most recent release:

On a Whim…

I created this playlist in 10 minutes flat because I succumbed to the rabbit hole that Soundcloud becomes when you relax and let your ears do all of the work. I just kept clicking and listening to little sound bites of songs and before I knew it, I was 10 songs in and excited to listen to this playlist all of the way through for the first time. Eight out of the 10 songs I heard for the first time today. Keep exploring music-listeners!

Need some more fuzzy guitars? I do.

POND. POND. POND. POND. POND. I didn’t know I enjoyed a little psychedelic rock until I heard this:

That video is truly absurd in the best way possible.

This week, for some reason, I’ve needed EXTREMELY LOUD guitar riffs to get the sleepies out of my eyes early in the morn. Yesterday it was Rubblebucket and today it’s POND. Who knows who it’ll be tomorrow. Today, though, these Australian-fuzz-creating, guitar ripping, face-melting dudes grabbed me by the shirt collar and shook me awake. ‘Hobo Rocket’ houses one of my favorite tunes of theirs, “Giant Tortoise.” Check it out:

At 1:30 when that guitar riff kicks….ooooooooooh baby. I have to be careful when I drive to this song because I just want to shake my hair around and that means my eyes aren’t on the road.

Guess what is really exciting, though?! NEW ALBUM (‘Man it Feels Like Space Again’) IS COMING OUT NEXT TUESDAY, the 27TH!

Rubblebucket, thank you for kicking off Wednesday.

I BLASTED “Carousel Ride” off of Rubblebucket’s newest album, ‘Survival Sounds’, this morning at 6:30 AM in the car. Yes, 6:30 AM. No, that’s not too early for fuzzy guitars, bursting vocals and catchy keyboards…Have a listen:

I adore this music video as well. That poor carnation-covered creature. I believe it has a name, that name is Vashti. Rubblebucket carries that costume around with them on tour and lets members in the audience pop it on during “Carousel Ride” and hop around on stage. It’s pretty neat. Guess how I know that? BECAUSE RUBBLEBUCKET WAS IN BOZEMAN THIS SUMMER! Can you believe that?! It was a truly fantastic show. Another favorite band of mine, Body Language, opened for them. It was one of the most dance-able, energy-producing, head-banging, crowd-bouncing show I’ve been to. There was not a still body in the Zebra. I really hope they come back here. Check out one of my favorites by Body Language as well:

And talk about energy. Body Language is one of the most fun-loving, colorful (lead singer, Angelica Bess was literally face-painting willing audience members), dance-inducing groups as well. They were initially what attracted me to the show at the Zebra and when I found out they were opening for Rubblebucket (though I thought the opposite at first….I thought Rubblebucket was opening for Body Language!), my excitement became uncontrollable. I hope Body Language will grace our lovely town with their musical presence again as well.

I had to edit this post and add this. NPR just released Rubblebucket’s Tiny Desk Concert and it’s somethin’ else:

A “pair of wings” for everyone!

Is it just me or when given a few choices of super powers (invisibility, mind-reading, flying for example), isn’t flying the obvious #1 choice? I’m not talking in an airplane, I’m talking wings or maybe in 2015 wings are replaced by a jet pack or something. I think I’d rather have wings, though. If you’re having second thoughts about flying being YOUR #1 super power, take a listen to this song and reconsider:

About halfway through that song, it sounds like this bird she’s singing about, “perched above the city on a pair of power lines”, plunges off the power line and starts soaring through the city. Sounds nice to me, though I’d rather be soaring somewhere more exotic and magnificent than a city…

Brooklyn gal, Frankie Rose, was once part of the groups Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts AND the Dum Dum Girls. Between those projects and her current solo project, she was Frankie Rose and the Outs, releasing an album back in 2010. ‘Interstellar’ back in 2012 was her first full length solo album and her sophomore solo album, ‘Hererin Wild’, was released in 2013.

Anyway, I hope this lovely Monday morning finds all you music-listeners and lovers, soaring.

Who Wouldn’t Order 9 Glasses of Wine at Once?

I went out for dinner at the lovely Uptown Cafe in Butte, MT last night with two lovely lady friends of mine. We each wanted to try a different glass of red wine so we ordered one glass per person but each of us tried a different kind of wine. However, this was not clear to the waitress and she brought US EACH ONE GLASS OF EACH KIND OF WINE. Do the math. That means she brought 9 glasses of wine to our table. NINE! Our table was wine only because there was only room for wine. Each of us slugged through two glasses and the third was left behind because we just couldn’t handle them all. Needless to say, it was the hardest I’ve laughed in a while. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the image of our waitress walking towards us with a tray of wine. 9 glasses of wine.

Thank you, friends.

Thank you, friends for always recommending new music to me! I had never heard of Boy & Bear until a few days ago when a friend mentioned them to me and that I might enjoy them. He was right! Now I need more Boy & Bear. Boy & Bear is composed of five fellows, Dave Hosking, Killian Gavin, brothers: Tim Hart and Jon Hart, and Dave Symes based out Sydney. They released their debut album, ‘Moonfire’, back in 2011 and their sophomore album ‘Harlequin Dream’, back in 2013. The warm sound that embodies “Southern Sun” is what sold me:

And check this version from Conan last July: