Nearly 10 years ago…this happened.

And damn it’s still a magical memory. My saint of a brother drove my best friend and I’s crazy/silly 16 year old selves to see our favorite band in the entire world, The Killers, in Spokane, WA. Incredibly, it was a fairly intimate venue as well, probably held about 250 people. AND, Tegan and Sara, who had just released their debut album, were opening for them. It was April of 2005 and my besty and I were head over heels for anything and everything related to The Killers. I don’t know why they were on my mind last night, but when I was laying in bed and couldn’t sleep, this song came to mind:

I remember they played it at the concert and at that point in time, it was “new” material so we lost our minds when they played it. I have to admit, I’ve lost touch with The Killers’ new material. Their first album, ‘Hot Fuss’, was easily their best work and for me, goes down as one of the best pop/rock albums of that time. After reliving that whole 16-year old experience, I dug out these photos. I couldn’t help it. We waited for them to come out from backstage for about an hour and got our pictures with them…OF COURSE! But that’s not all, we also had them sign our Converse…because we were in high school and what indie rock and roll-loving teenager didn’t have Converse?!

brandon_deann katie_brandon vinnie brandon

Then, this December this happened:

and they stole my heart all over again.

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