COOKIE MANIA PART 1 (baking) and PART 2 (frosting)


Yesterday I baked 4 dozen cookies while listening to my (hands down) favorite podcast: All Songs Considered and it was the Christmas episode, so I basically couldn’t have been any happier. AND THEN THIS HAPPENED:

Essentially Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton were kidnapped and sent on a super secret mission to outer space where some special musical guests visited them. My favorite addition to the show was the song contributed by Ages and Ages. Everything they do makes me happy. They’re the kindest group of musicians you’ll ever meet and gosh darn are they talented. To hear the entire podcast, click on the spacemen below:




This process is about to begin and I’ve found the most excellent upbeat music that is necessary for frosting dozens of cookies. Yes, I’m taking a break from Christmas music but I’m pretty dang excited about Springtime Carnivore. This gal (Greta Morgan), just released her debut, self-titled album November of this year. She’s only a few months older than myself and she’s already accomplished so much. Not only did she release an entire album, but she played a majority of the instruments herself, besides the bass guitar. Her sweet candy pop and dream rock is well suited for frosting cookies or whatever you might find yourself doing today. Check out this neat music video (image montage) for one of the song “Collectors” off of her album:

I’ll check in later today with some more music and a photographic evidence of dozens of frosted cookies. Wish me luck!

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