YAWN…not so boring!

If I made a list of my favorite albums that were released in 2014 by artists I had never heard yet, YAWN’s second full length album, ‘Love Chills’, would most certainly be on the list. YAWN is an indie rock n’ roll band based out of Chicago. Thought, they according to an interview on Huffington Post back in 2012, the characterize their genre as this, ‘”Pop oriented electronic rock dub indie things that your grandma may or may not like.” They released their first album back in 2011 but it was only just this year they made it onto my radar. Now I get to dive back into their archives and enjoy the earlier sounds of YAWN. I discovered them on All Songs’ TV where they share interesting music videos and they were sharing one of YAWN’s most delicious tracks, “Flytrap.” It won me over within the first 10 seconds. My favorite part is from 2:09 to 2:24. There is just something about that scruffy rough guitar bit that sends my ears into a frenzy. Check out the video:

and the article:


Granted this was 2 years ago that it was published, the answer to the last question of the interview was “touring. Lots of touring.” I imagine they’ve succeeded in that but maybe sometime they’ll tour out here to good old Bozeman, MT!

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