Have you heard this ‘genius?’

Perfume Genius, Mike Hadreas, is a singer-songwriter based out of Seattle, Washington. He released his third album, ‘Too Bright,’ this past year and it’s anthem-like, gripping, borderline disturbing in the most beautiful way tracks and music videos that go along with them are really stirring the pot these days. He started writing music when he left New York City to live with his mother who was in Everett, Washington. His first two albums are composed mostly of Hadreas’ gentle vocals and subtle piano, telling stories that are anything but joyful but they are just so kind on the ears. I first heard Perfume Genius last spring on ‘All Songs Considered’ right after the tragic accident occurred at SXSW where an individual drove into a crowd of people at the festival. Perfume Genius played the song “Look Out, Look Out” at a church the night after this occurred.

The newest addition to Perfume Genius’ family of albums contrasts so starkly to the previous two. Hold on tight. He keeps releasing these absolutely vivid, confusingly wonderful, self-proclaiming music videos. The most recent, “Fool” caught my eye this week. I also really enjoyed the music video for “Queen.” I’ll warn you, the video accompanying “Grid” was the rawest of them all. Check out “Fool”:

Keep on keepin’ on, Mr. Hadreas.

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