What are your top 3 favorite albums of 2014?

This is hands down, my favorite time of year. Not only is it Christmas time, it’s the time where all of my favorite music blogs and sources pick their top albums of the past year. I look forward to the month of December because of this! All Songs Considered, Sound Opinions and the Hype Machine all have wonderful ways for their fans to explore their top picks for the year. I usually fall in love with several albums by artists I’ve never heard of, or become aware of albums I missed. I highly recommend checking out what they have to say.

The Hype Machines gets more and more creative each year. This year, they suggest and album for every moment of the year! For example, “Long bike rides through the city when you’re really stoned and it’s kind of chilly outside and the sun is coming down” was Sea Oleena’s 2014 album, ‘Shallow.’

My top 3 favorites are:

‘Heal’ by Strand of Oaks

‘Singles’ by Future Islands

‘Divisionary’ by Ages and Ages

Tell me your top 3!

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