Short and Sweet

I was popping around the Hype Machine today checking out what albums they were premiering the past couple of weeks and wasn’t struck by the first few. Then, this gem came on:

It started, I loved it, then it was over just like that. In 2 minutes. THEN, this other little gem came on:

Less than 2 minutes. Who says a song has to be 3 to 5 minutes to make you happy? No one. This entire album by the Portland-based group, The Memories, kept me going all morning. And yes you’re right, if I was listening to it all morning, I must have listened to the entire 10-song album which has no song longer than 3:06 at least 4 times. The Memories have been making music since 2010. ‘Hot Afternoon’ is their 4th album. Give it a listen. Aside from the song “The Girl at the Bodega” which sounds like elevator music, it’s an excellent album.

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