Liar Liar, Plants for Hire

I won’t go into full detail as to why this quote came to mind but, in general, I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic lately and Sponge Bob came to mind. Sponge Bob has nothing to do with the music I’m sharing today but I Googled this quote and I was pleased to see this little video come up.

Anyway, this nostalgic feeling has been mostly reflected in my music-listening and this old Caribou song from 2010 was on a CD I’ve been listening to in the car the last couple of days. “Odessa” is off of Caribou’s 2010 album, ‘Swim.’

The very first song by Caribou that made it into my ears was “Melody Day” off of the 2007 album, ‘Andorra.’ Early Caribou sounds more like psychedelic folk rock….

whereas current Caribou is more on the electronic/dance side. Most of the songs on Caribou’s 2014 album, ‘Our Love’ are too austere and full of sounds that my ears don’t particularly enjoy in large quantities. BUT, “Silver” is something extraordinary and I know it will likely be the soundtrack of the next week or so. It starts off sounding a little machine-like with a driving and circular beat, then Dan Snaith’s airy vocals enter the scene. From there, it changes subtly and slow builds until it opens up around 3:30. It sounds…and feels like I’m in a spaceship that’s taking off into musical interstellar space.

Thanks to Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton for sharing this song on their show, ‘All Songs Considered.’

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