Car dancing at 8 am

So, I was digging around for a random old mix CD of mine and I came across one from 2010. It has some GOLDEN tracks I completely forgot about. This song came on while I was still waking up stuck in some construction traffic at 8 this morning on my way to work. I was instantly ready for the day after a little car dancing. I highly recommend purchasing this song, listening to it in your car on the way to work…or wherever, and CRANKING up the volume. Car dance safely.

Simian Mobile Disco is an electronic/house/techno group out of London composed of two fellows, James Ford and Jas Shaw. They’ve been creating tunes since 2005 and “I Believe” (by FAR my favorite song by them…and quite possibly my only favorite as I’m not very into electronic/house/techno etc…but if YOU are, you should check out their other albums) is off of their 2007 album, ‘Attack Sustain Decay Release.’

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